3rd Chronique Biennale: The Night

Group Exhibition

10.11.2022–22.01.2023: Marseille, FR

The 3rd edition of the Biennale of Digital Imagination will take place in Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Avignon. Through its opening nights, exhibition trails and industry events, the Biennale provides a chance for 60 or so digital artists to explore the theme of The Night. Imagined as being a journey, these nights invite you to discover a complete panorama of the Biennial between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence through exhibitions, works in public spaces, concerts, performances, and meetings.

Gathering the public to let them see and understand our contemporary issues around the theme of the Night, to be moved through the sensitive and critical eye of the artists and to question together these new worlds being invented: such is the promise of our exhibition itinerary from Aix-en-Provence to Marseille to Avignon. With nearly 40 artists from the local emerging scene to the national and international scene, this new edition proposes a dive into the transformation of our relationship with the world of the night since the industrial revolution and the now technological revolution. The continuity of time with the economy and networks, computers and algorithms is gradually colonizing the rhythms of our lives and offers little space for rest and freedom. Through the sensitive and critical look of artists, we will question the night as a space of heterogeneity to be protected and preserved.

With the works of: Romain Tardy, Felix Luque Sánchez, n+n Corsino, Kasia Molga, Ugo Arsac, Marjolijn Dijkman, Lawrence Malstaf, Kris Verdonck, :mentalKLINIK, Claire Malrieux, Yuyan Wang, David Helbich, Ulrich Vogl, Donatien Aubert, Sophie Whettnall, Sébastien Robert, Stéphanie Rolland, Lucien Bitaux, Quayola, Thomas Garnier, Stéphane Thidet, Ief Spincemaille, Amélie Bouvier, Maurice Benayoun, Claire Williams and others.