6th Sounds of Silence Festival


28–30.10.2021: DNR Film Club, The Hague, NL

Live performance by Henry Vega and Jan Willem Troost with the film ‘Reclaiming Vision’ (Marjolijn Dijkman & Toril Johannessen, 2018) at the 6th Sounds of Silence festival for silent film and live music. Sounds of Silence Festival exposes the profound art of silent film and explores its interaction with contemporary music and art. This year the festival has been shifted to October 28-30, at Theater De Nieuwe Regentes, The Hague.

‘Reclaiming Vision’ reveals various processes in the water that are hidden to the naked human eye. By investigating the brackish water, its inhabitants, its properties, and the traces left by human activities, the film is a reflection upon the relationship we humans have with our surroundings, especially through what we cannot see.  Starting from the assertion that looking evolved from the sea – eyes, in fact, evolved from marine algae – ‘Reclaiming Vision’ takes the viewer on a journey through various ways of looking at, relating to and influencing nature.

Musicians participating this year: Gerard Bouwhuis; Ensemble Modelo62; Ziv Taubenfeld, Marie Guilleray, Ilya Ziblat and Onno Govaert; Bart de Vrees, Maarten Ornstein and Miriam Overlach; Dan Gibson and Vladimir Vlaev; Henry Vega and Jan Willem Troost; Amer Shanati, Leah Uijterlinde and Carlos Ema.

Sounds of Silence Festival