Constructed Sceneries – Film Programme Scenographies


03.10.2013: film screening, SMBA, Amsterdam, NL

The film programme Constructed Sceneries explores the different ways in which artists use cinematic apparatus to re-contextualize and challenge standard perspectives of public surroundings. This curated selection combines film projects from SKOR’s archive, setting them alongside other video works which actively blur the borders between “natural” landscapes, urban contexts, staged environments and imaginary terrains. Each piece makes use of the inherent fictional aspects of filmmaking as well as cinematic tools – such as a voice-over, editing, frame composition – to divulge the makings of “place” and the mechanisms that allow such constructions. The programme surrounds two broad areas of SKOR’s activities over the last years – the cityscape and the countryside – while simultaneously underlining the importance of the point of view of the spectator/resident/visitor in framing these seemingly different arenas.

Constructed Sceneries SMBA