Duo artist talk together with Toril Johannessen


29.09.2017: Researchers Night, Teknisk Museum, Oslo, NO

29 September: Researchers Night, Techniks Museum, Oslo, NO

From: 19:00 til 23:00

Researchers night with amongst others: Birkeland’s Northern Lights Experiment, presentations of Modern Space Physicists, talk about meetings between Art and Science, opening of the Aurora Polaris Exhibition.

With: Ann-Cecilie Larsen, Are Raklev, Toril Johannessen, Marjolijn Dijkman, Thale Sørlie, Koka Nikoladze, Maria Hammerstrøm, Anna Follestad, Anders Kvellestad og André Granum.

The event is part of Research Days 2017.
Supported by the Research Council of Norway.
Arranged by Teknisk Museum, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiO and Realfagsbiblioteket.