In Our Hands

Solo Exhibition

22.10–08.11.2015: Solo exhibition, Rundum, Fotokuu Biennial 2015, Tallinn, EE

Rundum artist-run space
Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn

22 October: Talk 18:00 / Opening 19:30

In Our Hands:
The film installation In Our Hands is based on research into hand gestures that were developed to influence, heal, predict – or ward off – the future. The final choreography includes a range of gestures from diverse sources – from spiritual to political to military – that have become removed from their original context. The film consists of a with motion capture produced animation of two virtual transparent hands. In Our Hands relates to current debates around Artificial Intelligence, it’s often anthropomorphic character and the concept of singularity with a form of super intelligence that we will or won’t keep in control.
 The accompanying sound piece in the exhibition is a composition made of 18 computer generated binaural tones or brainwaves.

Tallinn Photomonth / Fotokuu Biennial is an artist led biennial of contemporary art and visual culture. Initially started in 2011 by a group of artists working mainly with photography and video, the biennial has surpassed medium specificity and looks at developments in art and society in a world mediated by cameras, screens and images.

Rundum is an artist-run space based in Tallinn, Estonia, a creative and independent platform run by young artists. Founded in September 2013 in Tallinn, Rundum has already hosted many exhibitions, artist talks, performances, discussions and screenings, and proved itself as an active meeting place. Rundum aims to stay nomadic and turn up in a variety of settings, spreading around the city and interfering with public space, different social environments and experimenting with new ways of showing art.

Initiated by Rundum and Lokaal 01 from Antwerp, BE
The exhibition is supported by The Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center, Lokaal 01, The Estonian Artists’ Association
Thank you: Tõnu Narro, Eon, Fotokuu, EKKM