Liquid Properties, a commission for ‘Munchmuseet on the Move’

Solo Exhibition

31.08–23.09.2018: Munch Museum, Oslo, NO

Development of a new commission in collaboration with Toril Johannessen.

Liquid Properties, made in collaboration with Toril Johannessen and commissioned by Munchmuseet on The Move, consists of the film Reclaiming Vision and an installation with glass sculptures. Captured through a light microscope, Reclaiming Vision features brackish water, sampled from the inner Oslo Fjord, alongside algae, cultivated at the University of Oslo. Starting off from the assertion that looking evolved from the sea – eyes in fact evolved from marine algae – the film is a visual journey through various ways of looking at and relating to nature. The music is specially composed for the film by Henry VegaMunchmuseet on the Move is a four-year, off-site curatorial project of contemporary art, curated by Natalie Hope O’Donnell.

Munchmuseet on the Move is a four-year, off-site curatorial project of contemporary art. The aim of the project is to continue and develop the work of the Stenersen Museum in Vika (1994-2015), now part of the Munch Museum. Munchmuseet on the Move consists of two parts: a series of contemporary art commissions, shown in the area between the current Munch Museum at Tøyen and the new museum, currently under construction on the waterfront of Bjørvika; and a series of exhibitions connected to the Stenersen Collection of paintings, drawings and prints, curated and organised by Kunsthall Oslo at a new gallery in Dronning Eufemias gate.

Munchmuseet on the Move