Navigating Polarities at New Collection Presentation

Group Exhibition

28.05–05.01.2025: MU.ZEE, Ostend, BE

One last time, before the museum closes in early 2025 for a three-year thorough renovation, Mu.ZEE will fold back on its unique ‘flowing’ collection dedicated exclusively to Belgian art from 1880. For the first time since the Flemish Government acquired it, the work ‘Navigating Polarities’ will be on display at MU.ZEE, where it became part of the museum collection.

“Navigating Polarities, an immersive film installation, investigates the history of navigation and the natural forces of polarity and magnetism in the physical world. The work takes the Earth’s geomagnetic field as a starting point, considering how micro- and macrocosmic elements are contingent on these properties to operate.

On 29 June 2024, The Longest Day will take place in cooperation with KAAP: a day full of performances that will unfold as one big ‘happening’ between the two cultural houses and the public space in between, from sunrise to sunset. The performance ‘Electrify Everything’ by Marjolijn Dijkman and Pom Bouvier-b will be a part of the program.

‘Electrify Everything’ translates the seductive and captivating magic of demonstrations of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment into a critical exploration of the origins of the units and language used to measure electricity. The field of electricity has been developed, manipulated, and named for three centuries to control and apply it. 

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