P.E.A.R. issue no. 6, Landscape and Ecology


20.02.2014: Magazine launch, British Council, London, UK

The launch of P.E.A.R. issue no. 6, Landscape and Ecology will take place in their Foyer Gallery of the British Council between 18.30 and 21.00 Address: Spring Gardens, London, SW1A 2BN, UK. (please rsvp: info@pearmagazine.eu)

Jes Fernie and Marjolijn Dijkman produced a written and visual essay for this issue relating to the project History Rising.

P.E.A.R. (Paper for Emerging Architectural Research) aims to re-establish the fanzine as a primary medium for the dissemination of architectural ideas, musings, research and works, and to present the complexity and variety of architectural practice. We actively seek to publish thinking that wouldn’t ordinarily be seen in the mainstream architectural press, and we are interested in showing that the architectural is concerned with more than just architecture.
Editorial team: Rashid Ali, Matthew Butcher, Julian Krueger and Megan O’Shea.
Designed by: Avni Patel

Contributors to Issue no. 6: Jonathan Hill; Mariele Neudecker; Greer Crawley; Smout Allen and Geoff Manaugh;  Jan Zalasiewicz; Matthew Butcher (Post Works); Jes Fernie and Marjolijn Dijkman; aberrant architecture; DK-CM; Omar Ghazal, Hugh McEwen and Catrina Stewart; FleaFollyArchitects; Stasus; David Musgrave; AY Architects; Phil Tabor; Peg Rawes; Adrian Lahoud; The Big Air World.

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