Reclaiming Vision

Solo Exhibition

29.09–02.12.2023: Iselp, Brussels, BE

Captured through a light microscope, ‘Reclaiming Vision’ features a diverse cast of microorganisms, sampled from the brackish waters of the inner Oslo Fjord, alongside algae, cultivated at the University of Oslo. The film reveals various processes in the water that are hidden from the naked human eye. By investigating the brackish water, its inhabitants, its properties, and the traces left by human activities, the film is a reflection upon the relationship we humans have with our surroundings, especially through what we cannot see.

29 September – 2 December 2023

Opening 28 September 18:00 – 21:00

Iselp, Brussels, BE

ISELP, 31 boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 Bruxelles