Cloud to Ground (#2-4)

Sculpture series


The works in the sculptural series Cloud to Ground refer to fulgurites, a phenomenon commonly referred to as “fossilized lightning.” Formed when electricity discharges into the ground, these formations comprise masses of vitrified organic debris.

Made in collaboration with an electro-technician, Dijkman created artificial fulgurites by discharging electricity into earth collected from mining sites in Belgium and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which she then suspended in resin pyramids.

Experimental electric set-up to produce the artificial fulgurites, 2022

“Electricity is not only a great microcosm for demonstrating larger Enlightenment movements, but it also was the central scientific advancement of the period. In fact, many literary puns playing on the symbolism of reason and discovery were used in connection with electricity. Electricity was an obvious check on religion’s powerful hold on society. It demonstrated through Franklin’s lightning rod (not without a fight) that man was beginning to demonstrate control over nature, or at least over what once was termed “God’s wrath”.” on ‘An Entertainment for Angels’ by Patricia Fara

Cloud to Ground #2 – #4
Dimensions: L30 x W30 x H20 cm.
Materials: resin, fulgurite, aluminium board
Produced in collaboration with Lukas Pol
Supported by FLACC, Genk, BE

The Lightnings Slayers, an essay by Galit Eilat about the solo exhibition Electrify Everything at NOME, 2021 including works in the series ‘Cloud to Ground’.

'Cloud to Ground' #03, 2021 Resin and artificial fulgurite with sand from former coal mine site in Genk in Belgium.
'Cloud to Ground' #02, 2021 Resin and artificial fulgurite with sand from future lithium mine site in Manono in DR Congo.