Forest (#1-3)

Photo Series


Working at night on location with lights, NL (2002)

The photographic work ‘Forest’ examined the authenticity of Dutch forests. In The Netherlands, almost all nature is constructed and designed. The series consists of multiple photographs turned into light boxes, exposing the exaggerated interference of Dutch forestry. 

The effect of illuminating pieces of the forest at night created a sublime appearance of the trees, branches, and leaves; because of this, the landscape itself seemed to become even more artificial and alienating. The compositions made in the forest at night were left behind, creating sculptural interventions in the forest.

Forest (#1-3)
Collaboration with Wouter Osterholt
Material: series of 3 lightboxes
Various sizes
Two lightboxes in private collections

Forest #2, photo and intervention in the forest, 2002
Forest #3, photo and intervention in the forest, 2002