Rave Nature (Installation)

Sculptural Installation


Temporary installation in the forest, Maastricht, NL (2005)

Rave Nature is a temporary installation for a proposal for a concrete platform for events and discussions in a forest near the quarry of the Factory Enci on the border of Maastricht (NL), with trees as the main protagonists built into the stage.

This work was made within the context of a cultural festival sponsored by the local cement factory Enci. For many years, there had been heated debates between ecologists and the factory about the disruptive nature of the local lime quarry. In the past, the quarry and the surrounding forest were often used for illegal rave parties. The project ‘Rave Nature’ reflected on this particular history by constructing a white platform in the forest near the quarry to be used for an event as part of the festival.

The Enci quarry produces cement for The Netherlands and abroad. Near the factory is a forest called ‘Enci-forest,’ which is built on the top layer of cover material from the quarry. The quarry dug off almost the entire hill called the ‘Sint Pietersberg.’

Rave Nature (Installation)
Realized in collaboration with Wouter Osterholt
Produced for Marres, Cement Festival, Maastricht, NL
Material: Wood, paint
Size: 700 x 700 cm. / about 60cm. high


Temporary installation in the forest, Maastricht, NL
Rave Nature, temporary installation in the forest, Maastricht, NL