This installation consists of a tunnel build through the gallery space that transformed the non-public space of the gallery into a public space. By removing one of the windows at the front and a garage door at the back, we allowed twenty-four-hour access through the tunnel.

The design of the tunnel was strongly related to the space’s architecture- which is why there was a long, narrow section, a very narrow corner, and a wide section.

Inside of Tunnel through SIGN Gallery, Groningen, NL (2004)

There were still areas that were not accessible-one of these was visible through a window at the front of the gallery, and another, which was only accessible for the audience, could be accessed through the front door.

In the gallery’s office, where the owner usually received visitors, there was no control over the space via the tunnel. In the three weeks that the tunnel was public, it was decorated with graffiti.

Temporary installation in Sign Gallery, Groningen, NL
Collaboration with Wouter Osterholt
Materials: Wood, paint, and plaster
Support: Groningen Kunstraad, W. Dijkman
Commissioned by: Sign Gallery

Front of SIGN Gallery, Groningen, NL
Inside of Tunnel through SIGN Gallery, Groningen, NL
Overview of Tunnel through SIGN Gallery, Groningen, NL