Start: Beyond the Ruins of the Future


01.10.2023–01.10.2027: Candidate PhD in the Arts, LUCA – School of Arts Brussels / Leuven University, BE

I will be a part of the artistic research cluster Deep Histories Fragile Memories (dhfm) as a Ph.D. candidate at LUCA – School of Arts Brussels / Leuven University under the supervision of Wendy Morris with the doctoral project ‘Beyond the Ruins of the Future’.

‘Beyond the Ruins of the Future’ reflects how art can propose new perspectives on the intricate connections between human stories and the more extensive material, environmental, and inter-species networks. The interdisciplinary research focuses on context-specific art projects that relate to precarious and complex historical contexts involving traumatized landscapes, intergenerational care, and human attempts to restore spaces of ecological destruction. The research will respond to these topics by producing a body of work, including artistic films, sculptures, installations, a series of discursive events that will engage the audience, and a publication. 

Research of the members of dhfm engages with the recuperation of marginalised histories, with ecologies and situated enquiries, with experimental writing, listening, and the shaping of new narratives.

The research cluster centers around a core group: Mariske Broeckmeyer, Alexandra Crouwers, Laurens Dhaenens, Wendy Morris, Nele Möller, Hannah Van Hove, Anja Veirman, Joeri Verbesselt, Renée Turner. It is led by Wendy Morris and Laurens Dhaenens.