History Rising

Marjolijn Dijkman and Jes Fernie

2010 - 2015: Collective Research

Symposium with an installation with display on loan from Denny Farmland Museum, Outpost, Norwich, UK

History Rising was a subversive and engaging study of museum display by artist Marjolijn Dijkman and curator Jes Fernie. By distancing museum objects from their support structures, the project seeks to critique the assumptions that are made about how things are positioned, who chooses to display them, and how the social, political, and aesthetic choices that are made in the process dictate the language of display.

Visual essay, Marjolijn Dijkman, photographic observations from museums inserted in publications on modernism., Outpost, Norwich, UK (2014) Published in History Rising.

New work by Marjolijn Dijkman was installed in two public museums in East Anglia (Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery and Wisbech & Fenland Museum) and an artist-run space (OUTPOST, in Norwich). Dijkman’s sculptures proposed strange and fantastical juxtapositions, alleviated objects from the weight of history, and created links with modernism, the heritage industry, and the aesthetics of sci-fi.

The project began in 2010 and continued into 2015 with installations, events, and book launches in The Netherlands, Brussels, New York, and London.

History Rising, the book, was designed by Salome Schmucki and published by Onomatopee. It is made up of visual and written essays, an interview between the artist and curator, an inventory of works, and documentation of Dijkman’s installations in museums and galleries in the UK.

The publication History Rising has been published in 2015 by Onomatopee (NL)

Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery acquired Marjolijn Dijkman’s The Grand Release for their collection with funding from Arts Council England / V&A Museum Purchase Grant Fund, The Norfolk Contemporary Art Society, The Friends of Norwich Museums, and The Art Fund.

Statement Through Arrangement, a visual essay by Marjolijn Dijkman, publication History Rising, 2015
Symposium in Wisbech, 2013
Chain for 'Please Touch / Please Don't Touch, produced in the workshop of the Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse Museum
Symposium with an installation with display on loan from Denny Farmland Museum, Outpost, Norwich, UK
Installation at the Wisbech Museum, UK (2014) The Wisbech & Fenland Museum is one of the oldest purpose-built museums in the United Kingdom.
History Rising print by Salome Schmuki