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LUNÄ Talk: Deep Space / Time

28.04.2016: LAC / Drents Museum, Assen, NL

This first of a series of LUNÄ Talks in Drenthe discusses the question of how science and fiction relate to each other, focusing on topics such as deep time / space in the disciplines of geology, archaeology and astronomy and the imagination of these fields in the arts. Among the guests include curator of Zone2Source Alice Smits, astronomer Roy Smits from ASTRON / Camras, curator archaeology Jaap Beuker from the Drents Museum, artist Maarten Vanden Eynde, physical geographer Enno Bregman (Province Drenthe & Utrecht University) and artist Marjolijn Dijkman.


Performing Objects at The Norwegian Sculpture Biennial

16.01–17.01.2016: Vigeland Museum, Oslo, NO

Saturday 16 January 12:00-16:00 Workshop: Performing Objects – with Marjolijn Dijkman and Kristof Van Gestel. This workshop will focus on our interaction with objects, explore some of the different visions and narratives particular objects embody and collectively engage in a conversation about their potential forms of agency.

Sunday 17 January 12:00-16:00 Agreement Conversation Piece/AM by Kristof Van Gestel.


LUNÄ Talk: Immortal, Artificial and Extraterrestrial Life

28.09.2015: Global Imaginations at Museum Boerhaave, Leiden, NL

This LUNÄ Talk explores how science and fiction relate to each other, focusing on topics as immortality, robotics, extraterrestrial life. On this special full moon evening after the Super Blood Moon Eclipse, all guests will be seated around LUNÄ, an installation of Marjolijn Dijkman with a fascimile of the oval table which was used by the Lunar Society in Birmingham in the 18th century. With: Anke Bangma, Dirk van Delft, Marjolijn Dijkman, George van Hal, Jaap van de Herik, Maarten Lamers, Peter Pels and Dorien Zandbergen.


LUNÄ Talks: Uncertainty Scenarios

01.06–07.06.2015: fig-2, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, UK

This series of LUNÄ Talks will specifically focus on the notion of the future investigating modes in which the idea of future is seeded in our society today. With: Ramon Amaro, Rebecca Bligh, Stephen Boyd Davis, Owen Cotton-Barrat, Caroline Edwards, Mark Fisher, Jay Griffiths, Cathy Haynes, Ken Hollings, Magda Osman, Emily Penn, Mary Margaret Rinebold, Philip Sheldrake, Murray Shanahan, Maarten Speekenbrink, Jamie Ward and many others. (Developed by Marjolijn Dijkman in collaboration with fig-2)


Justifiable Versions of Events / Catastrophe

21.07–26.07.2014: Raum N, Archive Kabinett, ACUD Studio, Scriptings, Westgermany, CRASH PAD at KunstWerke/Berlin Biennale, Berlin, DE

With: Jonathan Dronsfield, Ben Dawson, Gregor Moder, Oxana Timofeeva, Alexander Negrelli, Katja Diefenbach, Alan Smart, Jack Henrie Fisher, Alexi Kukuljevic, Jeff Weber, Mladen Dolar, Samo Tomcic, Udi Aloni, Anne van Leeuwen, Sami Khatib, Marjolijn Dijkman, Tzuchien Tho, Olivier Surel, Bruno Besana, Okkyung Lee, Anna-Luise Lorenz, Simone van Dijken, Jayme Yen, Kristin Posehn, Top Liste Surrealiste, Michael Lewis, Michael Weinman, Helmut Voelter, Andrea Liu, Koen Brams (in absentia), Mary Ikoniadou, Cathleen Schuster, Marcel Dickhage, Imogen Stidworthy, Karin Kihlberg, Reuben Henry, Hsiao Chen, Antonio Serna, Marc Matter, Robert M Ochshorn, Jon Krohn, Yanik Avila, Adrian Alecu, Hannes Boeck


Constructed Sceneries – Film Programme Scenographies

03.10.2013: film screening, SMBA, Amsterdam, NL

The film programme Constructed Sceneries explores the different ways in which artists use cinematic apparatus to re-contextualize and challenge standard perspectives of public surroundings. With work of: Jan Dibbets, Marjolijn Dijkman and Amir Yatziv
Curated by: High&Low Bureau